Garrett Kimball

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The investigation of the structure and behavior of malignant melanoma of the uveal tract in man has been limited by the lack of a ready source of human tumor and an animal model in which the tumor resembles that in the human choroid. We now report the observation that fresh surgical specimens of human choroidal melanoma can be successfully transplanted into(More)
Cognitive neuroscientists studying sound and speech learning have successfully used videogames as a research vehicle. Neuroscientists and game developers worked together to produce a game built to entice participants to longer periods of play, while enabling researchers to easily configure presentation parameters in support of future studies. A space-themed(More)
A 3-month-old boy with bilateral optic disc colobomas and orbital cysts is presented. Both eyes appeared relatively normal in size. Ultrasonography on one side demonstrated a communication between the globe and cyst by way of the optic disc coloboma. On computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, the cysts' contents were similar to vitreous. The(More)
The neurobiological correlates of human fluid intelligence (Gf) remain elusive. Here, we demonstrate that spatiotemporal dynamics of EEG activity correlate with baseline measures of Gf and with its modulation by cognitive training. EEG dynamics were assessed in 74 healthy participants by examination of fast-changing, recurring, topographically-defined(More)
Although exposure of epidermal melanocytes to ultraviolet radiation is known to increase tyrosinace activity, a similar effect has never been demonstrated for the iris. This paper presents evidence that light stimulates tyrosinase activity in iris melanocytes in rabbits. Levels of iris tyrosinase were found to be greater in eyes of rabbits exposed to light(More)
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