Garrett Harper

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The distal radius and its articulations clearly have a vital role in the functional abilities of the hand and wrist. The treatment of tumours of the radius, therefore, needs to achieve satisfactory clearance of the lesions while also preserving as much wrist function as possible. We have employed osteoarticular autologous fibula grafts to reconstitute the(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Use of thrombolysis and acute treatments for cerebral infarction may require that acute stroke be treated as a medical emergency. To assess the factors influencing the time to admission in acute stroke, we conducted a prospective study of all such patients admitted to the hospitals in Leicester, UK, over a 12-month period. METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE We sought to establish the pattern of blood pressure (BP) change after hospitalization for acute hemispheric stroke. METHODS In 292 patients from the Leicester teaching hospitals with acute hemispheric stroke within the previous 24 hours (139 men; median age, 75 years [range, 42 to 98 years]), we prospectively studied BP changes(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the changes in 24-h and casual blood pressure (BP) levels following hospitalization for acute stroke. DESIGN Prospective study of patients admitted with acute hemispheric stroke and hospitalized controls using casual and 24-h BP monitoring. SETTING Medical wards in a large teaching hospital. SUBJECTS Thirty-three patients (median(More)
We present two patients known to have prostate cancer who presented with acute cerebellar signs. The neurological deficit of the first patient was due to a paraneoplastic cerebellar manifestation and progressed, despite evidence of response of the primary prostate tumour to hormonal manipulation. The second case, resulting from a solitary cerebellar(More)
In young hypertensive patients, after a short period of abstention, caffeine ingestion has a significant pressor effect, although the acute cardiovascular responses have not been reported in elderly hypertensives. This study assessed the acute changes in BP, pulse rate, plasma renin activity (PRA) and arterialised plasma catecholamines after 250 mg of(More)
In a randomised, single-blind, cross-over study, the effects of a high carbohydrate meal or 'no meal' on BP, pulse rate, blood glucose, plasma insulin and catecholamine levels were assessed in eight fit, untreated, elderly hypertensive subjects. A significantly greater fall in supine (P = 0.006) and erect (P = 0.03) systolic blood pressure (SBP) occurred(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess general practitioners' attitudes to the diagnosis and management of hypertension in elderly patients. DESIGN Postal questionnaire to all general practitioners in Leicestershire. RESULTS 360 of 451 general practitioners (80%) responded. 81% (292) reported rechecking an initially high blood pressure on two or three occasions before(More)
A prospective study was undertaken to compare the use of forearm and upper arm tourniquets for local anaesthetic procedures on the hand. One hundred consecutive patients with an upper arm tourniquet were compared with a further consecutive 100 patients in whom a forearm tourniquet was used. The tourniquet time was always less than 20 minutes and the scoring(More)