Garrett Hall

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OBJECTIVE The authors investigated the occurrence of pathological gambling among cocaine-dependent outpatients, its influence on short-term outcome of treatment, and comparative characteristics of patients with and without pathological gambling. METHOD The subjects were 313 cocaine-dependent (200 also opiate-dependent) outpatients in clinical trials of(More)
Exposure of the cranium to white light in mice that had been given haematoporphyrin derivative (HpD) led to a rapid onset of vasogenic cerebral oedema, cerebral necrosis, coma and death. Selectivity of the initial damage for endothelium was suggested by (a) early breakdown (less than 1 h) of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) as shown by increased permeability(More)
A common beta-thalassemia mutation in Asian populations is the C --> T substitution at position 654 of intron 2, which leads to the activation of two cryptic splicing sites and the incorporation of 73 extra nucleotides into the mutant mRNA. Like most beta-thalassemia mutations, it normally exhibits recessive inheritance. We investigated the unusually severe(More)
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