Garrett F Miller

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The transport and filtration behavior of Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts in columns packed with quartz sand was systematically examined under repulsive electrostatic conditions. An increase in solution ionic strength resulted in greater oocyst deposition rates despite theoretical predictions of a significant electrostatic energy barrier to deposition.(More)
Experiment 1 compared the development of 2- to 4-cell bovine embryos cultured in synthetic oviductal fluid with 20% fetal calf serum or 3.2% BSA and in the presence of oviductal cells, cumulus cells, or medium alone. More embryos developed in medium with serum, regardless of culture method (P=0.063). Oviductal cell co-culture resulted in more embryos(More)
The cleavage rate of in vitro-matured bovine oocytes was compared after fertilization in 1) TALP medium alone (control); 2) in TALP+BOEC; 3) in TALP+PHE; or 4) in TALP+BOEC and PHE. The overall cleavage rate at 45 h post insemination was greater for embryos in Treatments 2 (52%), 3 (55%) and 4 (66%) than for Treatment 1 (32%). The oocyte cleavage rates for(More)
Our objective was to optimize in vitro maturation conditions of bovine oocytes as assessed by embryo development. In Experiment 1, cumulus-oocyte complexes were matured in either M-199 or RPMI-1640. Each medium was supplemented with an antibiotic-antimycotic solution (1%) and estrous cow serum (20%). Cumulus cell expansion after 24 h was greatest for(More)
We present optical observations of supernova SN 2014C, which underwent an unprecedented slow metamorphosis from H-poor type Ib to H-rich type IIn over the course of one year. The observed spectroscopic evolution is consistent with the supernova having exploded in a cavity before encountering a massive shell of the progenitor star’s stripped hydrogen(More)
The effect of bovine serum albumin (BSA) lots on the development of in vitro-derived bovine embryos in synthetic oviductal fluid was investigated. Citrate concentration was determined for each lot of BSA, and then correlated with differences noted in the ability of BSA lots to support embryo development. Development of bovine embryos to the blastocyst stage(More)
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