Garrett F Cline

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Environmental stressors undoubtedly influence organismal biology, specifically the endocrine system that, in turn, impact cattle at the systems physiology level. Despite the significant advances in understanding the genetic determinants of the ideal dairy or beef cow, there is a grave lack of understanding of the systems physiology and effects of the(More)
The luteal structure that develops postovulation is critical to the facilitation and maintenance of pregnancy in dairy cattle. The objectives of this experiment were to determine if the induction of an accessory corpus luteum (CL), via human chorionic gonadotropin, altered blood perfusion of CL, peripheral concentrations of progesterone, or hepatic(More)
The aim of this study was to determine if fescue toxicosis altered blood perfusion in the corpus luteum (CL) and peripheral concentrations of progesterone in cattle. The estrous cycles of 36 nonpregnant Angus or Charolais cows were synchronized in 2 replicates using the CO-Synch+CIDR protocol. Seven days after initiation of the protocol, cows were assigned(More)
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