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The shear bond strength and the potential enamel damage on debonding of various currently available ceramic and stainless steel brackets were examined in vitro using extracted premolar teeth. The brackets were divided into two groups, one bonded with a new light-cured orthodontic adhesive and the other with a conventional chemically cured system. An Instron(More)
Modifications of the sagittal split osteotomy of the mandible have essentially reduced the major drawbacks of the procedure, such as condyle displacement, short-term skeletal relapse, and protracted maxillomandibular fixation and mental nerve dysesthesia. These techniques have proved effective over a period of 4 years in fifty-seven patients treated.
Twenty-six profile silhouettes are divided by five judges into three categories: retrognathic, orthognathic, and prognathic. On the corresponding lateral cephalograms, 51 cephalometric variables are tested for profile recognition. Discriminant analysis indicates that measurements based on natural head position perform better than comparable variables based(More)
Displacement of the proximal segment of the condyle such that the condyle is no longer in its correct position has been cited as a major factor in postsurgical skeletal relapse after mandibular, sagittal split osteotomy. This study examined the effects of sagittal split osteotomy on the horizontal rotation of the condyle in 16 dissected mandibles for which(More)
Subapical osteotomies were performed in the left quadrant of the mandibles and maxillas of five dogs and six monkeys. Two indirect methods, the isotope fractionation (diffusible tracer) and particle distribution (nondiffusible tracer--15mu microspheres) were used to quantitate local blood flow. To examine the effect of the surgery, blood flows in the(More)
PURPOSE Mini-Medical school programs have become an increasingly popular means of encouraging high-school students to consider medical professions. However, there is little research evaluating the long-term effect of these programs on influencing career choice. The purpose of our study was to determine the motivational factors for attending the Mini-Medical(More)
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