Garrett C Graham

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The rat olfactory bulb is an exceptional CNS tissue. Unlike other areas of the brain, growing axons are able to enter the olfactory bulb and extend within this CNS environment throughout adult life. It appears that the glial cells of the olfactory system, known as olfactory bulb ensheathing cells (OBECs), may have an important role in this remarkable(More)
BACKGROUND The heat-shock response network controls the adaptation and survival of the cell against environmental stress. This network is highly conserved and is connected with many other signaling pathways. A key element of the heat-shock network is the heat-shock transcription factor-1 (HSF), which is transiently activated by elevated temperatures. HSF(More)
Cell signaling pathways consist of multiple connections of different types of gene, mRNA and protein networks. It is not a trivial task to follow the signals flowing through these networks. The difficulty comes from considering the entire biological structure as a single network without breaking it into connected modules. The study of these networks(More)
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