Garrett C Du Bois

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An enzyme isolated from rat liver cytosol (native molecular mass 78. 3 kDa; polypeptide molecular mass 42.5 kDa) is capable of catalysing the NADH/NADPH-dependent degradation of S-nitrosoglutathione (GSNO). The activity utilizes 1 mol of coenzyme per mol of GSNO processed. The isolated enzyme has, as well, several characteristics that are unique to alcohol(More)
PURPOSE Proteomic analysis of breast nipple aspirate fluid (NAF) holds promise as a noninvasive method to identify markers of breast cancer. The objectives of the study were to: (a) describe the NAF proteome, (b) identify candidate markers of breast cancer in NAF by using proteomic analysis, and (c) validate the markers identified by using a quantitative,(More)
Significant improvement in the resolution and quality of the X-ray diffraction of crystals of MTCP-1 protein was observed on post-crystallization soaking. The MTCP-1 crystals grown from 1.5 M ammonium sulfate diffracted to only 3.0 A resolution with some disorder in the diffraction. After post-crystallization soaking in a solution containing 2.0 M ammonium(More)
Members of the TCL1 family of oncogenes are abnormally expressed in mature T-cell leukemias and B-cell lymphomas. The proteins are involved in the coactivation of protein kinase B (Akt/PKB), a key intracellular kinase. The sequences and crystal structures of three Tcl1 proteins were analyzed in order to understand their interactions with Akt/PKB and the(More)
Tcl1 and Mtcp1, members of the Tcl1 family, are implicated in T-cell prolymphocytic leukemia. The crystal structure of a dimer of murine Tcl1 has been determined at 2.5 A resolution with an R factor of 0.225. Murine Tcl1, human Tcl1 and Mtcp1 share very similar subunit structures, with RMS differences of 0.6 and 1.4 A for C(alpha) atoms, respectively, while(More)
The entire nef gene sequence of HIV-2, NIH-Z strain, has been cloned into the pJL6 expression vector and used for the synthesis of a 23-kDa protein in E. coli. The expressed protein is a fusion between the N-terminal 13 amino acids of the cII gene, 8 amino acids resulting from the ligation procedure, and the 180 amino acids that comprise the HIV-2 Nef(More)
Proteomic analysis of body fluids, including breast nipple aspirate fluid (NAF), holds promise to aid in early cancer detection. We conducted a prospective trial that collected NAF from women scheduled for diagnostic breast surgery to determine 1) the consistency of proteomic results, 2) protein masses associated with breast cancer, 3) subsets of women with(More)
The TCL-1 gene which is located on chromosome 14 plays a major role in human hematopoeitic malignancies and encodes a 14-kDa protein whose function has not been determined. The TCL-1 gene is expressed in pre-B cells, in immature thymocytes, and at low levels in activated T cells but not in peripheral mature B cells and in normal cells. The TCL-1 protein is(More)
Two related oncogenes, TCL-1 and MTCP-1, are overexpressed in T cell prolymphocytic leukemias as a result of chromosomal rearrangements that involve the translocation of one T cell receptor gene to either chromosome 14q32 or Xq28. The crystal structure of human recombinant MTCP-1 protein has been determined at 2.0 A resolution by using multiwavelength(More)