Garrett A Meek

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The first report, as a result of work with the electron microscope, of cytoplasmic inclusions in cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae having the characteristic ultrastructural features of plant and animal mitochondria (Palade, 1953) was published by Agar & Douglas (1957), although the characteristic cristae are barely discernible in their published(More)
1. Unlike yeast cells grown on glucose (0.9%), cells grown on galactose aerobically or anaerobically as well as cells grown on very low glucose concentrations (0.09%) have been found to possess mitochondria. 2. Synthesis of respiratory enzymes was less in the presence of glucose than galactose. When either sugar was consumed, synthesis of these enzymes(More)
In the course of a light and electron microscopy study of spermatogenesis in the European crayfish, Astacus fluviatilis, spermatocytes of abnormal appearance were observed in two instances in individuals that had passed the mating period. The electron microscope showed that the inner membrane of the nuclear envelope of these cells was erupting into a mass(More)
Spermatids of the snail Helix aspersa were studied after fixation in buffered osmium tetroxide and after applying Novikoff and Goldfischer's method (15) for demonstrating thiamine pyrophosphatase (TPPase) activity both with the light and the electron microscope. The appearance of cells in the light microscope after localizing the enzyme is very similar to(More)
The two distinct types of cytoplasm seen with the light microscope in the adipose cell of the leech Glossiphonia complanata have been identified in the electron microscope image of this cell. One of these, the basophil cytoplasm, contains many well oriented, paired membranes which are much more clearly evident when calcium ions are added to the fixative.(More)