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The levels of expression of topoisomerase II alpha and topoisomerase II beta were investigated in six established cell lines of human childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) as a function of doubling time, cell cycle distribution, and of sensitivity to the antineoplastic agents Adriamycin and etoposide. The slowest growing cell line, ALL-G, was most(More)
Previous studies using cloned lines of Adriamycin-sensitive and -resistant P388 murine leukemia cells have suggested that a reduction in DNA topoisomerase II alpha (topo II alpha) enzyme activity and protein levels in drug-resistant cell lines (A. M. Deffie, J. K. Batra, and G. J. Goldenberg, Cancer Res., 49: 58-62, 1989) may be due to an allelic mutation(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated decreased levels of DNA topoisomerase II alpha protein and messenger RNA in the Adriamycin-resistant P388 murine leukemia cell line P388/ADR/7 compared to the sensitive P388/4 cell line. An allelic fusion event involving the topoisomerase II alpha and the retinoic acid receptor a genes has been identified in these cells(More)
OBJECTIVE Previous research has shown that perceived social norms are among the strongest predictors of drinking among young adults. Research has also consistently found religiousness to be protective against risk and negative health behaviors. The present research evaluates the extent to which reliance on God, prayer, and religion moderates the association(More)
Using therapeutic intervention, the psychological and behavioural factors in the development of language retardation in two pairs of 4-year-old MZ twins have been examined. Although some factors are common to those found in singletons with language retardation, the factors peculiar to the twin situation are highlighted.
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