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GCC185, a trans-Golgi network-localized protein predicted to assume a long, coiled-coil structure, is required for Rab9-dependent recycling of mannose 6-phosphate receptors (MPRs) to the Golgi and for microtubule nucleation at the Golgi via CLASP proteins. GCC185 localizes to the Golgi by cooperative interaction with Rab6 and Arl1 GTPases at adjacent sites(More)
Pore progress: Oxford Nanopore's modified nanopore can distinguish between the four standard DNA nucleotides and methylated cytosine. The aim is to use an endonuclease (green) to feed the nucleotides to the pore one by one. (Photo: iemedia solutions.) Coming soon to a doctor's surgery near you? Hopes placed on the sequencing of 'the' human genome and the(More)
  • CINDY CROSSCOPE-HAPPEL, H. G. Getz, +5 authors Jerry Hayes
  • 1999
(Abstract) Anorexia nervosa is a serious problem that affects over one million males yearly. It is often misdiagnosed and overlooked completely in clinical, medical and school settings because of the misperception that it is a disorder exclusively present in females. The DSM-IV largely contributes to this misnomer due to the gender-biased criteria. The(More)
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