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Philosophers usually discuss responsibility in terms of responsibility for past actions or as a question about the nature of moral agency. Yet the word responsibility is fairly modern, whereas these topics arguably represent timeless concerns about human agency. This paper investigates another use of responsibility, that is particularly important to modern(More)
resources of the entire scientific and technical communities to bear on national problems through its volunteer advisory committees. The Transportation Research Board is distributing this Circular to make the information contained herein available for use by individual practitioners in state and local transportation agencies, researchers in academic(More)
Like most bioethical discussion, examination of human biobanks has been largely framed in terms of research subjects' rights, principally informed consent, with some gestures toward public benefits. However, informed consent is for the competent, rights-bearing individual: focussing on the individual, it thus neglects social, economic and even political(More)
The substantial increase in female employment rates in Europe over the past two decades has often been linked in political and public rhetoric to negative effects on child development, including obesity. We analyse this association between maternal employment and childhood obesity using rich objective reports of various anthropometric and other measures of(More)
 The members of any functioning modern society live their lives amid complex networks of overlapping institutions. Apart from the major political institutions of law and government, however, much normative political theory seems to regard this institutional fabric as largely a pragmatic convenience. This paper contests this assumption by reflecting(More)
On behalf of the IDEFICS Consortium * Corresponding authors: Wencke Gwozdz (wg.ikl@cbs.dk) and Alfonso Sousa-Poza (alfonso.sousa-poza@uni-hohenheim.de). This study was conducted as part of the IDEFICS study (http://www.idefics.eu). We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the European Community within the Sixth RTD Framework Programme under(More)
ESRC Award " EMU and Financial Markets, Grant No. R000237486 is gratefully acknowledged. Thanks are due to Cecilie Lindh for help in preparing this paper. ABSTRACT We introduce a new procedure for deriving optimal simple policy rules under uncertainty, allowing for strategic interdependencies between policy actions of different countries. This methodology(More)
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