Garnett W. Bryant

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The optical properties of coupled metallic nanorods are studied to investigate the use of coupled plasmonic structures in field-enhanced spectroscopies. Light scattering by coupled nanorods is calculated with the boundary element method, including retardation. The modes of coupled nanorod systems are calculated by the boundary charge method and discussed in(More)
The optical properties of plasmonic dipole and bowtie nanoan-tennas are investigated in detail using the Green's tensor technique. The influence of the geometrical parameters (antenna length, gap dimension and bow angle) on the antenna field enhancement and spectral response is discussed. Dipole and bowtie antennas confine the field in a volume well below(More)
An automated Fourier Transform Spectroscopic (FTS) solar observatory was established in Darwin, Australia in August 2005. The laboratory is part of the Total Carbon Column Observing Network, and measures atmospheric column abundances of CO 2 and O 2 and other gases. Measured CO 2 columns were calibrated against integrated aircraft profiles obtained during(More)
This study investigated differences in stress by sex, levels, age, and job classifications as perceived by 173 professionals. Subjects responded to the Tennessee Stress Scale-L questionnaire which provides measures for the three subscales (Stress Producers, Coping Mechanisms, and Stress Symptoms) and Total Stress. Significant differences were found between(More)
  • F Neubrech, A Garcia-Etxarri, D Weber, J Bochterle, H Shen, M Lamy De La Chapelle +3 others
  • 2011
We report on the observation of second order infrared plasmon resonances in lithographically prepared gold nanorods investigated by means of far-field microscopic infrared spectroscopy. In addition to the fundamental antenna-like mode, even and odd higher order resonances are observed under normal incidence of light. The activation of even-order modes under(More)
We use an atomistic tight-binding theory to study arrays of T-shaped GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wires. An atomistic approach allows us to provide a theory of the electron and hole states in T shaped wires without the approximations that limit effective mass models. We calculate the band structure of electron and holes in periodic T-wire arrays and in arm wells and(More)
Differences in stress for business professionals by sex, age, marital status, stress levels, job classification, having children and pets were investigated. Subjects were 80 business professionals who responded to the Tennessee Stress Scale-L inventory which provides three subscales (Stress Producers, Coping Mechanisms, and Stress Symptoms) and Total(More)