Garisha Chowdhary

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Pathogenic bacteria produce protein toxins to survive in the hostile environments defined by the host's defense systems and immune response. Recent progresses in high-throughput genome sequencing and structure determination techniques have contributed to a better understanding of mechanisms of action of the bacterial toxins at the cellular and molecular(More)
This study assessed the reduction in forced vital capacity of lungs of sand stone quarry workers exposed to high respirable suspended particulate concentration. The sand stone quarry workers are engaged in different type of activities like drilling, loading and dressing. These different working places have different concentration of RSPM and these workers(More)
This study was designed to assess the impact of high particulate concentration on peak expiratory flow rate of lungs of sand stone quarry workers. The workers were engaged in different types of activities such as drilling, loading and dressing. These different working conditions had different concentrations of RSPM, leading to different exposure levels in(More)
Discovery of natural groups of similarly functioning individuals is a key task in analysis of real world networks. Also, overlap between community pairs is commonplace in large social and biological graphs, in particular. In fact, overlaps between communities are known to be denser than the non-overlapped regions of the communities. However, most of the(More)
On-line social networks mostly allow individuals to extend friend requests to all forms of possible connections including those related to official purposes, interests, family relations, friendships, and acquaintances. One requires to mine relevant connections in order to make reliable and meaningful interpretations following network analysis. Most networks(More)
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