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Inhibitors of PDZ-peptide interactions have important implications in a variety of biological processes including treatment of cancer and Parkinson's disease. Even though experimental studies have reported characterization of peptidomimetic inhibitors of PDZ-peptide interactions, the binding modes for most of them have not been characterized by structural(More)
PDZ domains are peptide recognition modules which mediate specific protein-protein interactions and are known to have a complex specificity landscape. We have developed a novel structure-based multiscale approach which identifies crucial specificity determining residues (SDRs) of PDZ domains from explicit solvent molecular dynamics (MD) simulations on(More)
Biomedical data, such as MRI, MEG, EEG or optical imaging data, present a challenge to any data processing software. Feature point detection has many parameters such as edge detection, corner detection and blob detection (region of interest). Compression technique is used to reduce the size of image over selected region over medical image. So that it will(More)
Heat stress has severe implications on the growth of both field and garden grown vegetable crops. So, the study was contemplated to compare growth, antioxidant enzymes and physiological responses to heat stress between field and glasshouse grown pole and bush type Lablab purpureus. L phenotypical groups. Four of each pole (VRSEM-855, VRSEM-893, VRSEM-830(More)
This paper gives a comparative study of parameters of symmetric and asymmetric inhomogeneous structures metamaterials, a unit cell of split ring resonator, by using standard retrieval methods that assigns electromagnetic properties electric permittivity and magnetic permeability from the calculation of scattering parameters. Scattering parameters are the(More)
Protein-protein interactions mediated by phosphotyrosine binding (PTB) domains play a crucial role in various cellular processes. In order to understand the structural basis of substrate recognition by PTB domains, multiple explicit solvent atomistic simulations of 100ns duration have been carried out on 6 PTB-peptide complexes with known binding(More)
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