Garima R. Singh

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Advances in data storage and image acquisition technologies have enabled the creation of large image database. In order to deal with these data, it is necessary to develop method to efficiently manage these collections In these systems, image processing algorithms using different method for feature extraction like texture and which method provides better(More)
Outlier is defined as an observation that deviates extensively from other observations. The identification of outliers can lead to the discovery of useful and meaningful knowledge. Outlier detection has been widely studied in the past decades. Most refined methods in data mining address this issue to some extent, but not fully, and can be improved by(More)
This paper describes the design and FPGA implementation of FIR filter using a microprogrammed controller based design approach.The controller controls the series of operation of the filter.To reveal the technique ,design of a sequential 7-tap digital FIR filter based on the microprogrammed controller is presented.The projected FIR filter is coded in VHDL(More)
In this project we present Trinity Tree Algorithm comparison with Back Propagation Algorithm. Among these the trinity tree algorithm is an unsupervised data extraction and Backpropagation algorithm is a supervised data extraction. Data mining is a growing topic of interest in latest Engineering subject as it has help in the research area to extract(More)
In this paper, a comparative analysis of various space time codes that are used in multiple input multiple output (MIMO) systems to achieve high data rate at high quality of service is presented. MIMO systems are analyzed under fading environment and their performance in terms of diversity gain, data rate, detection complexity, size of signal(More)
This paper covers an extensive detailed analysis about the use of cooperative communication in cognitive radio especially the underlay technique. Authors have also tried to explain the effect of using multiple relay instead of single relay on outage probability. Asymptotic analysis of the proposed system model is also derived and results are compared. This(More)