Garima Gupta

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Solid tumors are dependent on preexisting vasculature and neovascularization for their growth. Successful cancer therapies targeting the tumor vasculature would be expected to block the existing tumor blood supply and to prevent tumor neovascularization. We tested the antitumor activity of experimental therapy with 2 distinct antiangiogenic drugs.(More)
Glycomics is the study of comprehensive structural elucidation and characterization of all glycoforms found in nature and their dynamic spatiotemporal changes that are associated with biological processes. Glycocalyx of mammalian cells actively participate in cell-cell, cell-matrix, and cell-pathogen interactions, which impact embryogenesis, growth and(More)
BACKGROUND Fatty acids are indispensable constituents of mycolic acids that impart toughness & permeability barrier to the cell envelope of M. tuberculosis. Biotin is an essential co-factor for acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACC) the enzyme involved in the synthesis of malonyl-CoA, a committed precursor, needed for fatty acid synthesis. Biotin carboxyl carrier(More)
Today, cloud computing is an emerging way of computing in computer science. Cloud computing is a set of resources and services that are offered by the network or internet. Cloud computing extends various computing techniques like grid computing, distributed computing. Today cloud computing is used in both industrial field and academic field. Cloud(More)
BACKGROUND Attracting physicians to rural areas has been a long-standing challenge in India. Government efforts to address the shortage of rural physicians include posting non-physician clinicians (NPCs) at primary health centers (PHCs) in select areas. Performance assessments of NPCs have typically focused on the technical quality of their care with little(More)
Cloud is a new trend in the computing. It is the combination of distributed, parallel and grid computing. It is a pay on demand computing. Basically cloud is a shared pool of resources. The resources are shared among users who are geographically distributed. As the area of cloud is increasing, several issues are also increasing. These issues are related to(More)