Garima Bharti

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— This paper presents a technical review to real time Video Multicast. In this paper Video Multicast technique is being described and to improve the quality and efficiency using network coding and video data compression. Video data compression is concerned with reducing the amount of data required to reproduce a digital video. It is a key component in(More)
Introduction The knowledge of dermatology among non‑dermatologists is believed to be very poor. Patients admitted to non‑dermatology units may often have numerous skin lesions besides the systemic disease for which they are hospitalized. The dermatoses may be associated with significant morbidity and at times mortality. [6] These dermatology lesions could(More)
² In this paper, a simple synthesis method of the circular ring frequency selective surface has been discussed. However, the proposed technique is used to design circular ring frequency selective surface at 3GHz, 15 GHz and 26 GHz and analytical results of each frequency of interest has been supported by simulation results, which has been performed by using(More)
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