Garima Agrawal

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Triple-negative (TN) breast cancers were defined as those which tested negative for estrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR), and HER2. TN breast cancers account for 12%– 26% of all types of breast cancers [1–5]. TN tumors were aggressive and were usually diagnosed at a later stage [5]. About 85% of TN phenotypic breast cancers are deemed to be(More)
To characterize imaging features of pure DCIS on dynamic contrast-enhanced MR imaging (DCE-MRI), 31 consecutive patients (37-81 years old, mean 56), including 2 Grade I, 16 Grade II, and 13 Grade III, were studied. MR images were reviewed retrospectively and the morphological appearances and kinetic features of breast lesions were categorized according to(More)
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