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for doctor's and support staff to undertake patient care more efficiently. Such tools are also of interest from an administrative perspective because they help reduce costs. We have developed a mobile patient clinical management tool, CALDr +. This tool holds all the vital information for patient's under a clinician or institutional care in a mobile(More)
Although respiratory diseases exhibit in a wide array of clinical manifestations, certain respiratory diseases may share related genetic mechanisms or may be influenced by similar chemical stimuli. Here we explore and infer relationships among genes, diseases, and chemicals using network and matrix based clustering methods. In order to better understand and(More)
Central to most omic scale experiments is the interpretation and examination of resulting gene lists corresponding to differentially expressed, regulated, or observed gene or protein sets. Complicating interpretation is a lack of functional annotation assigned to a large percentage of many microbial genomes. This is particularly noticeable in mycobacterial(More)
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