Gargi Chakraborty

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Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) are aggressive and uniformly fatal primary brain tumors characterized by their diffuse invasion of the normal-appearing parenchyma peripheral to the clinical imaging abnormality. Hypoxia, a hallmark of aggressive tumor behavior often noted in GBMs, has been associated with resistance to therapy, poorer survival, and more(More)
In this paper, a general analytical model for computation of burst length distribution and burst assembly time distribution for different burst assembly algorithms, under correlated input traffic, at the output of an edge optical burst switching node, has been developed. The model is developed by extending our previous work that was capable of capturing the(More)
A computational framework for determining the data loss rate for three basic types of burst assembly algorithms of optical burst switched(OBS) network is proposed here. The model is based on our previous work, where a computational scheme for capturing the effect of time correlation of input IP-packet sources on characteristics of assembled burst under(More)
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