Gargi Aggarwal

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This paper presents two optimal fusion techniques using reliability and separability measures for a multibiometric system, employing fingerprints and voice. In the first method, reliabilities of fingerprint and voice modalities are measured and the integration weights are computed as the ratio of these two reliabilities. The computed reliability ratio is(More)
Social networks are flourishing because of fast growing Internet and the World Wide Web, and more research efforts have been put on Social Network Analysis (SNA). A social network can be modeled like a graph, where the nodes represent persons, and an edge between them represent direct relationship between the persons. One of the issues in SNA is to(More)
  • Nidhi Maheshwarkar, Kshitij Pathak, Narendra S. Choudhari, Vivekanand Chourey, Xinping Hu, Zhihui Sun +13 others
  • 2012
In today's era acquiring information about others is not difficult task but securing this data form interlopers is a big deal. K-anonymity model used to protect released data. Released data which is available for public used may contain sensitive and non-sensitive data. But K-anonymity model faces changes when set of sensitive attributes are present in the(More)
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