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1 The effects of two beta-adrenoceptor blocking drugs, pindolol and metoprolol, on plasma lipids and lipoproteins were studied in sixteen hypertensive patients (WHO I-I) by a cross-over design, with two active treatment periods of 12 weeks each. 2 Neither pindolol nor metoprolol had any effect on total plasma cholesterol (total-C), triglycerides (TG) or(More)
Over the last few years bromocriptine has been used for treatment of mastodynia and benign breast disease, but with contradictory results. This double-blind clinical trial was performed to determine the efficacy of this prolactin inhibitor as compared with placebo. Subjective discomfort, clinical examination of the breast lesions, echomammography and breast(More)
In order to compare the medium term antihypertensive effectiveness and tolerability of atenolol with those of bopindolol (LT 31-200), a new non-selective beta-blocker with slight PAA (partial agonist activity), a randomized double-blind study was performed. Thirty-one outpatients with mild-to-moderate essential hypertension (WHO stage I-II) were enrolled(More)
In a random trial, the effects of treatment and withdrawal of guanfacine were compared with those of clonidine in 20 uncomplicated hypertensive patients. Elevated blood pressure returned to normal or responded well in all the patients given either guanfacine once daily or clonidine thrice daily. The pulse rate was reduced comparably by both treatments after(More)
One hundred patients scheduled for surgery participated in a randomized double-blind trial designed to evaluate the effects of acute treatment with two doses of bopindolol (1 mg:BP1;2 mg:BP2) in comparison with those of 2.5 mg lorazepam (LR), 75 mg butalbital (BT) and placebo (PL). Anxiety was evaluated by the STAI X1 questionnaire on the day before(More)
The effectiveness and safety of dihydroergotoxine mesylate (DHT) and clonidine (CLO) as acute antihypertensive treatments were studied in a single-blind randomized controlled study of 28 patients hospitalized after abrupt increases in mean blood pressure (MAP) to more than 150 mmHg, with concomitant symptoms related to hypertensive status (16 patients).(More)
Osseous metaplasia in the uterine cavity is a rare phenomenon arising from an unusual transformation of non-osseous connective tissue into mature bone. It is unclear how this alteration occurs and it has no single clinical manifestation. We report a case of asymptomatic endometrial osseous metaplasia of the isthmus with a singular picture: numerous long,(More)
Interference on the part of premedication with diazepam and trazodone with althesin anaesthesia was investigated and compared by means of variance analysis according to Fisher, and the X2c test according to Yates, in 150 patients aged 35-45 yr in three groups of 50 during examination of the uterine cavity. No marked difference between the effects of the two(More)