Garfield Zhiping Wu

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We investigate the application of bitmaps to represent users' permissions in discretionary access control systems. In principle any user can have one or more permissions on any object, but in reality permissions exhibit significant clustering with respect to both users and objects. This paper presents a novel compression scheme tailored specifically for(More)
Theca cell-selective Pten mutation (tPtenMT) in mice resulted in increases in PDK1 and Akt phosphorylation, indicating an over-activation of PI3K signaling in the ovaries. These mice displayed elevated androgen levels, ovary enlargement, antral follicle accumulation, early fertility loss and increased expression of Lhcgr and genes that are crucial to(More)
An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system must withstand many queries to its access control subsystem in order to check permissions in support of browsing-oriented operations. This leads us to choose a subject-oriented representation for access control (i.e., maintaining a permissions list for each subject). Additionally, if identifiers (OIDs) are(More)
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