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Funding the reengineering and recapitalisation of Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) will, in part, depend on the ability of SDI component coordinators to comprehend and report on the performance of their initiatives. This is important for both aspects, as for reengineering, the performance of an infrastructure can only be improved if it is measured. For(More)
The early nineteen nineties saw an explosion in the interest of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) spearheaded by the Clinton Executive Order 12906 of 1994 (Groot, 2001). This resulted in a number of research projects and publications on SDIs, the need for SDIs, SDI components and techniques for standardizing existing ad hoc spatial data related(More)
Geo-Information (GI) professionals, researchers and users have constantly proclaimed the potential of GI in facilitating more adroit and effective solutions to a wide variety of problems across today's modern society. However, the successful application of Geo-Information (GI) to a wider cross-section of today's society requires that GI is made available(More)
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