Gareth T. Davies

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The results of a multicentre, randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled, crossover trial of lamotrigine as add-on therapy in patients with partial seizures poorly controlled by established antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) are presented. The study consisted of two 12 week treatment periods each followed by a four week washout period. During the lamotrigine(More)
The surgical correction of intermittent exotropia occasionally results in a monofixational sensory pattern. Stereopsis as a measure of bifixation was studied preoperatively and postoperatively in 39 cases of intermittent exotropia. Of 26 patients with bifixation, 25 remained so after surgery. Of 13 patients with monofixation, 11 remained unchanged by(More)
We study the natural question of how well suited the hybrid encryption paradigm is in the context of key-dependent message (KDM) attacks. We prove that if a key derivation function (KDF) is used in between the public (KEM) and symmetric (DEM) part of the hybrid scheme and this KDF is modelled as a random oracle, then one-wayness of the KEM and(More)
In a weighted random sample of the specially enumerated population of a South Wales industrial town, examined by cholecystography for gallstones, the overall prevalence rates were 6.2 per cent for men 45 to 69 years of age and 12.1 per cent for women of the same ages. Contrary to our expectation there was no marked increase in prevalence with age in either(More)