Gareth T. C. Edwards

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Sarcocystis was detected in oesophageal samples from 245 (62 per cent) of 394 horses and ponies killed at a Cheshire abattoir between February and August 1981. Prevalence of infection was closely related to age, increasing from 28.6 per cent of animals up to two years old to 88.9 per cent of those over eight years old. There were no significant regional(More)
Measurements were made of gravid worm lengths, scolex diameter, rostellum diameter, sucker diameter, and large and small rostellar hooks of adult Taenia hydatigena, T. multiceps, T. ovis and T. pisiformis obtained from dogs in North Wales. Values recorded agreed closely with published values. None of these characters could be used to differentiate reliably(More)
Protozoan parasites of the genus Sarcocystis have been recognised for many years as intramuscular cysts of numerous vertebrates. It is only comparatively recently that the two-host nature of the life cycle has been recognised and that the intramuscular cysts are a stage in the developmental cycle of coccidian parasites of flesh eating mammals (Fayer 1974,(More)