Gareth S. Rees

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An association between allelic variants in the vitamin D receptor gene and bone mineral density has been previously described. A bimodal variation in the rate of bone resorption (as measured by urinary deoxypyridinoline excretion rate) has also been reported. We have recruited male volunteers, to minimise variation associated with ovarian function, to(More)
Now including comments from prominent researchers in the field of computer and machine vision. Abstract This document presents a design methodology the aim of which is to provide a framework for constructing machine vision systems. Central to this approach is the use of empirical design techniques and in particular quantitative statistics. The methodology(More)
The classification of image regions of interest in an image is an important area of research. Generally most investigations concentrate on the optimi-sation of the constituent parts of the system without regard to the overall performance. This work takes a system centred approach. Using a novel multi-class receiver operating characteristic, which also(More)
The comparison of genotype frequencies between neonates and elderly populations can aid in the identification of loci, and polymorphisms within those loci, that affect longevity. Here we have compared genotype frequencies of seven polymorphisms at four loci involved in DNA repair between a cohort of newborns (n = 290) and a retired population (average age(More)
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