Gareth Riddell

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BACKGROUND Staphylococcus aureus produces a set of proteins which act both as superantigens and toxins. Although their mode of action as superantigens is well understood, little is known about their effects on airway epithelial cells. METHODS To investigate this problem, primary nasal epithelial cells derived from normal and asthmatic subjects were(More)
Bleomycin is a cytotoxic drug used in the treatment of teratoma of the testis. This drug appears to sensitize the lungs so that acute lung damage occurs with concentrations of oxygen normally considered free from toxic effects. Two anaesthetics administered to the same patient undergoing thoracotomy are reported. No postoperative lung damage was produced on(More)
Even in very small premature infants (less than 1,000 g) intravenous feeding with Intralipid results in an elevation of total and a fall of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels. If oral feeding occurs while Intralipid is given, HDL cholesterol levels rise again. A positive correlation was found between levels of total cholesterol and the amount(More)
The central placement rate of central venous catheters inserted via the external jugular veins was assessed using two different types of catheter. In 50 patients a catheter-through-cannula design was used, in 50 a catheter-through-needle design; central placement rates were 72% and 60% respectively. Complications were few and never serious. The(More)
BACKGROUND Not all patients with a QRS duration longer than 140 milliseconds respond to cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT). The same QRS duration may correspond to different spatiotemporal patterns of myocardial activation that influence response to CRT. METHODS Electrocardiographic imaging based on 80 chest wall electrodes was used to construct the(More)
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