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Mobility of photosynthetic complexes in thylakoid membranes
It is proposed that the lateral diffusion of phycobilisomes is involved in regulation of photosynthetic light-harvesting (state 1–state 2 transitions) and may also be essential to allow the synthesis and repair of thylakoid membrane components.
CD12: a new high-flux beamline for ultraviolet and vacuum-ultraviolet circular dichroism on the SRS, Daresbury.
The commissioning and characterization of an SRS bending-magnet beamline constructed for the measurement of vacuum-ultraviolet circular dichroism on biological and other materials is described and the impact that the new beamline is likely to have is speculated on.
Effect of phosphorylation on α-helix stability as a function of position
We have investigated the effect of placing phosphoserine at the N-cap, N1, N2, N3, and interior position in alanine-based α-helical peptides. Helix contents of each peptide were measured by CD
Adenovirus type-5 entry and disassembly followed in living cells by FRET, fluorescence anisotropy, and FLIM.
A rapid, quantitative live-cell assay for the investigation of virus-cell interactions and capsid disassembly for adenovirus (Ad) serotype 5 (Ad5) in living CHO-CAR cells is demonstrated.
Effect of phosphorylation on alpha-helix stability as a function of position.
A transition from phosphoserine stabilization at the N-terminal positions to destabilization at the C-terminus is seen and can explain this in terms of the balance of protein solvation, favorable interactions, and dehydration.
Subnanosecond polarized microfluorimetry in the time domain: An instrument for studying receptor trafficking in live cells
We describe an instrument designed to monitor molecular motions in multiphasic, weakly fluorescent microscopic systems. It combines synchrotron radiation, a low irradiance polarized microfluorimeter,
Fluorescence lifetime and quenching studies on some interesting diphenylhexatriene membrane probes
Abstract The fluorescence lifetimes of a number of membrane probes based on the 1,6-diphenylhexatriene (DPH) chromophore have been measured in small unilamellar phospholipid vesicles and found to be
Stabilizing interactions between aromatic and basic side chains in alpha-helical peptides and proteins. Tyrosine effects on helix circular dichroism.
A survey of protein structures shows that they are in fact predominantly hydrophobic interactions between the CH2 groups of Lys or Arg and the aromatic rings, compared to previously attributed to cation-pi bonds.
Polyelectrolyte complexes, 3. The interaction between heparin and protamine
The interaction of heparin with salmine protamine was investigated using the electrostatically bound fluorescent probes acridine orange and eosin Y and the 1-(dimethylamino)-5-naphthalene sulfonyl