Gareth P Stevenson

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The potential-dependences of the rate constants associated with heterogeneous electron transfer predicted by the empirically based Butler-Volmer and fundamentally based Marcus-Hush formalisms are well documented for dc cyclic voltammetry. However, differences are often subtle, so, presumably on the basis of simplicity, the Butler-Volmer method is generally(More)
As in many scientific disciplines, modern chemistry involves a mix of experimentation and computer-supported theory. Historically, these skills have been provided by different groups, and range from traditional 'wet' laboratory science to advanced numerical simulation. Increasingly, progress is made by global collaborations, in which new theory may be(More)
A detailed analysis of the cooperative two-electron transfer of surface-confined cytochrome c peroxidase (CcP) in contact with pH 6.0 phosphate buffer solution has been undertaken. This investigation is prompted by the prospect of achieving a richer understanding of this biologically important system via the employment of kinetically sensitive, but(More)
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