Gareth M Roberts

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Using a combination of ultrafast solution- and gas-phase spectroscopies, together with high-level theory calculations, we demonstrate that we are able to track conformer-specific photodissociation dynamics in solution through solvent choice. We reveal this phenomenon in guaiacol (2-methoxyphenol), a key subunit of the natural biopolymer lignin. In(More)
Oxybenzone is a common constituent of many commercially available sunscreens providing photoprotection from ultraviolet light incident on the skin. Femtosecond transient electronic and vibrational absorption spectroscopies have been used to investigate the nonradiative relaxation pathways of oxybenzone in cyclohexane and methanol after excitation in the UVA(More)
Mechanistic insight into the photo-induced solvent substitution reaction of cis-[Ru(bipyridine)2(nicotinamide)2](2+) (1) is presented. Complex 1 is a photoactive species, designed to display high cytotoxicity following irradiation, for potential use in photodynamic therapy (photochemotherapy). In Ru(II) complexes of this type, efficient population of a(More)
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