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Satellite-based remote sensing of active fires is the only practical way to consistently and continuously monitor diurnal fluctuations in biomass burning from regional, to continental, to global scales. Failure to understand, quantify, and communicate the performance of an active fire detection algorithm, however, can lead to improper interpretations of the(More)
Inaccuracies exist in identifying and recording various types of oral cleft. One of the major reasons for this problem is that no efficient or universally accepted recording system presently exists. The RPL system introduced in this article provides an accurate and systematic numerical recording for the identification of various types of lip and maxillary(More)
The object of this study was to compare the diagnoses and characteristics of self-reported domestic violence victims with a random sample of nonvictim controls who were selected from attendees at the Emergency Department (ED) of a major public hospital in Australia. Comparisons were made at index presentation and for the 5 years prior to index presentation.(More)
Goal neglect is a failure to enact task requirements despite being able to accurately report them. In this study, we introduce a new child-appropriate experimental paradigm to measure goal neglect in children between 7 and 11 years of age and test the hypothesis that the complexity of an action plan, not real-time trial demands, increases goal neglect. A(More)
This study was conducted in 1991 and 1992 to determine the detection rates of domestic violence victims by doctors and nurses at the Emergency Department (ED) of Royal Brisbane Hospital, a major public hospital in Australia. The objective was to determine the outcome of an education program about domestic violence conducted in 1991 for doctors and nurses in(More)
In the dominant theoretical framework, human communication is modeled as the faithful transmission of information. This implies that when people are involved in communicational exchanges, they should be sensitive to the success with which information is transmitted, easily detecting when conversations lack coherence. The expectation that humans are good at(More)
The catecholamines-dopamine and noradrenaline-play important roles in directing and guiding behavior. Disorders of these systems, particularly within the dopamine system, are associated with several severe and chronically disabling psychiatric and neurological disorders. We used the recently published group independent components analysis (ICA) procedure(More)
We present a case of near identical patellar fractures in adolescent monozygotic twins who are both high-level competitive gymnasts. These patients presented 14 months apart with almost identical history and clinical findings. Both had an intense training regime involving over 30 hours per week of load-bearing exercise. Clinical and radiological(More)
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