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Medical errors can be reduced by the sharing of medical information and the correct application of medical information. A wealth of medical information exists in the form of published medical algorithms. These algorithms represent a summary of medical research ranging from simple calculations such as Body-Mass Index to complex outcome predictions.(More)
A wealth of medical information exists in the form of published algorithms. These algorithms range from simple calculations to complex outcome predictions. Most clinicians use only a small subset routinely. The barriers to their use include the lack of knowledge that they exist, uncertainty about their boundaries, difficulty in converting to the units(More)
The results of 5-year studies on macrozoobenthos in the Vyatka River in the area of the Chemical-Weapons Destruction Facility (CWDF) (settlement of Mirny, Kirov oblast) at the stage of neutralization of organophosphorous agents are presented. The taxonomic composition, dynamics of quantitative parameters, and structure of communities of bottom invertebrates(More)
at College Park is an innovative summer research experience for high school students from Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Its goal is to steer talented high school seniors toward higher education and careers in science and engineering. One particularly popular component of this program is a twooweek miniicourse in robotics. This course utilizes the(More)
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