Gareth J. Jones

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This thesis is concerned with the synthesis of speech using trainable systems. The research it describes was conducted with two principle aims: to build a hidden Markov model (HMM) based speech synthesis system which could synthesise very high quality speech; and to ensure that all the parameters used by the system were obtained through training. The(More)
The development of wireless computer networks and powerful mobile computing devices is creating opportunities to introduce mobile information retrieval applications. Information retrieval has traditionally concentrated on desk-based computing systems. Mobile users are in a different environment which requires careful analysis of their information needs and(More)
During the last day of the ISMIR 2012 conference there were two events related to Music IR Evaluation. A panel took place during the morning to discuss several issues concerning the various evaluation initiatives with the general audience at ISMIR. A late-breaking session during the afternoon kept the discussion alive between a group of researchers who(More)
A variety of technologies have been developed to index and manage information contained within unstructured documents and information sources. Although often originally developed for textual data many of these information management tools have been applied successfully to imperfectly indexed multimedia data. Ongoing progress in all these technologies is(More)
The study of information retrieval has increased in interest and importance with the explosive growth of online information in recent years. Learning about information retrieval within formal courses of study enables users of search engines to use them more knowledgeably and effectively, while providing the starting point for the explorations of new(More)
Existing studies on social media in the context of crisis have studied the content of items and their patterns of transmission. However, social media content generated during a crisis will generally be unstructured and only reflect the immediate experiences of the authors, while the volumes of data created can make rapid interpretation very challenging.(More)
Mycobacterial lipids have long been known to modulate the function of a variety of cells of the innate immune system. Here, we report the extraction and characterisation of polar and apolar free lipids from Mycobacterium bovis AF 2122/97 and identify the major lipids present in these fractions. Lipids found included trehalose dimycolate (TDM) and trehalose(More)
The DosR regulon and the Enduring Hypoxic Response (EHR) define a group of M. tuberculosis genes that are specifically induced in bacilli exposed in vitro to conditions thought to mimic the environment encountered by Mycobacteria during latent infection. Although well described in humans, latent mycobacterial infection in cattle remains poorly understood.(More)