Gareth J Beirne

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Hybrid quantum information protocols are based on local qubits, such as trapped atoms, NV centers, and quantum dots, coupled to photons. The coupling is achieved through optical cavities. Here we demonstrate far-field optimized H1 photonic crystal membrane cavities combined with an additional back reflection mirror below the membrane that meet the optical(More)
63 adult patients with advanced renal failure were interviewed to evaluate their exposure to chronically contacted or inhaled toxic substances. Grading of exposure revealed that patients with biopsy-proven primary proliferative glomerulonephritis and patients with a clinical presentation consistent with glomerulonephritis had significantly greater exposure(More)
This study examines the renal response to moderate hyperventilation in healthy man. Eight men hyperventilated for 26 hr (PaCO2 approximately 30 to 32 mm Hg) in normoxia (barometric pressure, PB approximately 740 mm Hg) and hypobaric hypoxia (PB approximately530 mm Hg). Anaerobic samples of arterial blood and urine were studied at two-hour intervals. Plasma(More)
We present an electrically pumped single-photon emitter in the visible spectral range, working up to 80 K, realized using a self-assembled single InP quantum dot. We confirm that the electroluminescense is emitted from a single quantum dot by performing second-order autocorrelation measurements and show that the deviation from perfect single-photon emission(More)
Selective-area epitaxy is used to form three-dimensional (3D) GaN structures providing semipolar crystal facets. On full 2-in. sapphire wafers we demonstrate the realization of excellent semipolar material quality by introducing inverse GaN pyramids. When depositing InGaN quantum wells on such a surface, the specific geometry influences thickness and(More)
Infections commonly occur in patients undergoing dialysis and have been related to diminished host resistance of uremic patients, the arteriovenous fistulas and bacteriologic contamination of dialysis fluids. The occurrence of four cases of bacteremia due to Pseudomonas, three of which were type 7, and the presence of this serotype in the dialysis fluids(More)
Lateral quantum coupling between two self-assembled (In,Ga)As quantum dots has been observed. Photon statistics measurements between the various excitonic and biexcitonic transitions of these lateral quantum dot molecules display strong antibunching confirming the presence of coupling. Furthermore, we observe an anomalous exciton Stark shift with respect to(More)