Gareth I Hughes

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PURPOSE Following colorectal cancer diagnosis and anti-cancer therapy, declines in cardiorespiratory fitness and body composition lead to significant increases in morbidity and mortality. There is increasing interest within the field of exercise oncology surrounding potential strategies to remediate these adverse outcomes. This study compared 4 weeks of(More)
Physical activity (PA) is related to colorectal cancer (CRC) mortality, with approximately 15% of CRC deaths worldwide attributable to physical inactivity. Moreover, higher levels of PA in CRC survivors have been associated with a reduced risk of the disease recurring. Despite the recognised nexus between PA and the risk of CRC, the physiological mechanisms(More)
Results from a longitudinal study of low back pain in 199 student nurses followed up for 20 months show that 37% reported back pain which lasted for at least 3 consecutive days. The first incidence peaked markedly between 9 and 12 months into training, and coincided with work on wards described by the nurses as "heavy". A combination of personal(More)
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