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Recent developments in bio-, nano-, and digital technology have changed the way modern healthcare systems operate. The provision of healthcare servicing remotely and exploitation of monitoring and assistive technology within and outside medical institutions mean that medical staff and patients constantly interact with various electronic devices. It also(More)
The objective of this study was to establish the prevalence of paan chewing with tobacco by UK-resident Bangladeshi women and the extent to which they manifest nicotine dependence. The cross-sectional study was conducted at two local authority housing estates in Tower Hamlets, London. Participants were 242 Bangladeshi women, selected at random from the(More)
The randomness of iris texture has allowed researchers to develop biometric systems with almost flawless accuracies. However, a common drawback of the majority of existing iris recognition systems is the constrained environment in which the user is enroled and recognized. The iris recognition systems typically require a high quality iris image captured(More)
Iris Recognition has emerged as one of the best biometric authentication techniques in recent years. However, a significant drawback of this biometric modality is the constrained environment in which the user is enrolled and recognized. It typically requires the user to be very cooperative for good quality images to be captured. If this limitation could be(More)
With the continued interest in Model Driven techniques for software development more and more uses are found for query or expression languages that navigate and manipulate object-oriented models. The Object Constraint Language is one of the most frequently used languages; however, its original intended use as a constraint expression language has been(More)
—This paper explains the motivations and the goals of the SYSIASS project. This project has three major ambitions: to design intelligent devices for both the assisted navigation of the powered wheelchairs and the secure communication of the data and to design multi-modality human machine interaction. Moreover, the challenge of the project is to take the(More)
This paper presents a simple, yet novel, approach to peak-trough detection using a rudimentary model of Newtonian mechanics. Based on the line-searching technique also employed in artificial neural network technology to determine global minima, the momentum is used to find both peaks and troughs of a signal. This algorithm provides a fast alternative to the(More)
The ability to adapt automated guided vehicles for employment to a range of practical situations can significantly enhance their usability in hazardous situations where security is a major concern and it is inadvisable for humans to enter. Robot guidance is still a very challenging issue computationally in both the academic and industrial worlds. Whilst(More)