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The air conduction thresholds in the right and left ears, and the interaural asymmetry of thresholds at 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 kHz were measured in a group of 225 soldiers exposed to a variety of weapon noise who were referred for assessment because of a deterioration in hearing on routine testing. At 0.5 and 1 kHz the threshold levels rarely exceeded 25 dB(More)
We present a retrospective study of 106 patients with branchial cleft and pouch anomalies who presented to the Hospital for Sick Children between 1948 and 1990. The relevant embryology of the branchial apparatus is summarized and a theoretical description of individual anomalies given. Second branchial cleft sinuses were the most common anomalies, and the(More)
This prospective study was designed to asses whether the results of reducing simple fractures of the nasal bones were different using local or general anaesthesia. Two consecutive groups of 50 patients had their fractures manipulated under (a) general, or (b) local anaesthesia. The results of reduction as assessed by the patients and surgeons were not(More)
Deviation of gait in a stepping test has been proposed as a useful indicator of peripheral labyrinthine dysfunction. A prospective study of 26 patients suspected of having uncompensated peripheral labyrinthine dysfunction and 49 normal patients with normal labyrinthine dysfunction showed no significant difference in performance of the Unterberger stepping(More)
Cyclohexylamine hydrochloride has been given in the diet to mice and to Wistar and DA rats for 13 weeks, to provide a constant intake of 400 mg of the base/kg/day. Significantly decreased food intake and body weight gain were found in both strains of rats but not mice. The metabolism of [14C]cyclohexylamine was widely different in Wistar and DA rats and in(More)
A retrospective study is presented of 31 patients who required ventilatory support via a tracheostomy for periods of one month to 27 years whilst in a tertiary referral centre for the care of patients with restrictive respiratory insufficiency. All patients underwent closure of a long-standing tracheostomy. Post-operative follow-up periods of up to 16 years(More)
Pulsatile tinnitus resulting from an abnormal communication between the occipital artery and the transverse or lateral sinus is a rare clinical entity. We report three cases which presented over a period of three years who had such abnormalities demonstrated angiographically and were cured of their symptoms by exploration and ligation of the occipital(More)
Male Wistar strain rats were fed a diet providing an intake of 0 or 400 mg cyclohexylamine (CHA)/kg body weight/day for 1, 3, 7, 9, or 13 weeks. At the end of the appropriate feeding period the rats were perfused-fixed with Karnovsky's fixative. The weights of the fixed testes were recorded and the testes, epididymides, and spermatic cord were sampled and(More)
In assessing the usefulness of the acoustic reflectometer we have evaluated its performance on a selected group of patients, finding it to be of equivalent predictive value to those screening tests in common use. We feel that the advantages of the instrument combined with its performance will provide the general practitioner with a useful diagnostic aid.