Gareth E. Miles

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Techniques and algorithms to detect and diagnose disorders in plants grown in a controlled environment have been developed. A video camera senses features of plants which are indicative of disorders. Images are calibrated for size and color variations by using calibration templates. Different image segmentation techniques for separating object from(More)
GLAM-PS (Glamorgan Problem Solver) is a production system model of problem solving in the Tower of London (TOL) puzzle. It is introduced as a draft cognitive architecture that is similar to John Anderson's (1998, 2004) ACT-R, but represents system goals, long term memory and production memory modally, rather than amodally. The current paper demonstrates how(More)
Recently much effort has been dedicated to designing and implementing World Wide Web sites for virtual shopping and e-commerce. Despite this effort, relatively little empirical work has been done to determine the effectiveness with which different site designs sell products. We report three experiments in which participants were asked to search for products(More)
There is evidence that knowledge about space will reflect the details of how that space is experienced and how people interact with it. In two experiments we demonstrate that memory for items is spatially structured after their locations were learnt in a desktop virtual environment (DVE). The structure was measured using interitem priming of recognition. By(More)
Experiment 1 demonstrates that problem solving knowledge can be applied while a move is in progress in certain Tower of London (ToL) problems. A two-stage move process is often delayed in the second stage when participants have been misled by similarity to a previous problem. We suggest this is indicative of misgivings about the chosen move caused by(More)
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