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Video-centred communication (e.g., video conferencing, multimedia online learning, traffic monitoring, and surveillance) is becoming a customary activity in our lives. The management of interactions in such an environment is a complicated HCI issue. In this paper, we present our study on a collection of interaction control protocols for distributed(More)
Current trends in pronounced late-stage attrition rates of promising drug candidates are a pressing concern for patients, providers, and other stakeholders across the health care system. Here, we describe six areas in which clinical pharmacology methods and frameworks can help ameliorate these trends in late-stage attrition and increase the efficiency of(More)
Off-label drug use is common in oncology, due in part to significant unmet medical need, the rarity of many cancers, and the difficulty of conducting randomized controlled trials (RCTs) to support labeling of every drug in every disease setting. As new drugs are developed for use in tumors defined by genomic aberrations, it may be scientifically reasonable(More)
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