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Building on the experiences of librarian representatives to curriculum committees in the colleges of dentistry, medicine, and nursing, the Health Science Center Libraries (HSCL) Strategic Plan recommended the formation of a Library Liaison Work Group to create a formal Library Liaison Program to serve the six Health Science Center (HSC) colleges and several(More)
—This paper discusses the knowledge integration of clinical information extracted from distributed medical ontology in order to ameliorate a machine learning-based multi-label coding assignment system. The proposed approach is implemented using a decision tree based cascade hierarchical technique on the university hospital data for patients with Coronary(More)
This paper proposes a framework of automatic resolver group assignments of IT service desk outsourcing in banking firms. Recently, service desk technologies have not addressed the problem of performance in resolving incidents dropped due to overwhelming reassignments. This article makes two contributions: (1) data preparation procedures proposed for text(More)
—We describe the usage of the Multi-agent system in the data preprocessing stage of an ongoing project, called e-Wedding. The aim of this project is to utilize MAS and various approaches, like Web services, Ontology, and Data mining techniques, in e-Business that want to improve responsiveness and efficiency of systems so as to extract customer behavior(More)