Garcfa Romero

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B. Peropadre,1 G. Romero,2 G. Johansson,3 C. M. Wilson,3 E. Solano,2,4 and J. J. Garcı́a-Ripoll1 1Instituto de Fı́sica Fundamental, CSIC, Calle Serrano 113-bis, E-28006 Madrid, Spain 2Departamento de Quı́mica Fı́sica, Universidad del Paı́s Vasco–Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, Apartado 644, E-48080 Bilbao, Spain 3Department of Microtechnology and(More)
In this Letter we design a metamaterial composed of discrete superconducting elements that implements a high-efficiency microwave photon detector. Our design consists of a microwave guide coupled to an array of metastable quantum circuits, whose internal states are irreversibly changed due to the absorption of photons. This proposal can be widely applied to(More)
A. Baust,1,2,3 E. Hoffmann,1,2 M. Haeberlein,1,2 M. J. Schwarz,1,2,3 P. Eder,1,2,3 J. Goetz,1,2 F. Wulschner,1,2 E. Xie,1,2 L. Zhong,1,2,3 F. Quijandrı́a,4 D. Zueco,5,6 J.-J. Garcı́a Ripoll,7 L. Garcı́a-Álvarez,8 G. Romero,8,9 E. Solano,8,10 K. G. Fedorov,1,2 E. P. Menzel,1,2 F. Deppe,1,2,3,* A. Marx,1 and R. Gross1,2,3,† 1Walther-Meißner-Institut,(More)
G. Romero, C.E. López, F. Lastra, E. Solano , and J.C. Retamal Departamento de F́ısica, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Casilla 307 Correo 2, Santiago, Chile Physics Department, ASC, and CeNS, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Theresienstrasse 37, 80333 Munich, Germany Sección F́ısica, Departamento de Ciencias, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú,(More)
We study the quantum dynamics of a two-level system interacting with a quantized harmonic oscillator in the deep strong coupling regime (DSC) of the Jaynes-Cummings model, that is, when the coupling strength g is comparable or larger than the oscillator frequency ω (g/ω≳1). In this case, the rotating-wave approximation cannot be applied or treated(More)
We present a method to implement ultrafast two-qubit gates valid for the ultrastrong coupling and deep strong coupling regimes of light-matter interaction, considering state-of-the-art circuit quantum electrodynamics technology. Our proposal includes a suitable qubit architecture and is based on a four-step sequential displacement of the intracavity field,(More)
We propose an analog-digital quantum simulation of fermion-fermion scattering mediated by a continuum of bosonic modes within a circuit quantum electrodynamics scenario. This quantum technology naturally provides strong coupling of superconducting qubits with a continuum of electromagnetic modes in an open transmission line. In this way, we propose qubits(More)
Reaching the strong coupling regime of light-matter interaction has led to an impressive development in fundamental quantum physics and applications to quantum information processing. Latests advances in different quantum technologies, like superconducting circuits or semiconductor quantum wells, show that the ultrastrong coupling regime (USC) can also be(More)
We show that the physics underlying the dynamical Casimir effect may generate multipartite quantum correlations. To achieve it, we propose a circuit quantum electrodynamics scenario involving superconducting quantum interference devices, cavities, and superconducting qubits, also called artificial atoms. Our results predict the generation of highly(More)
We propose the quantum simulation of the quantum Rabi model in all parameter regimes by means of detuned bichromatic sideband excitations of a single trapped ion. We show that current setups can reproduce, in particular, the ultrastrong and deep strong coupling regimes of such a paradigmatic light-matter interaction. Furthermore, associated with these(More)