García Cazorla

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the accuracy and feasibility of estimating oxygen consumption (VO2) during maximal swimming by using the backward extrapolation (BE) of the VO2 recovery curve to time zero. Two series of experiments were conducted. In the first, the validity of the BE method was ascertained by comparing the VO2 peak values obtained(More)
To examine the effects of body size on locomotor performance, 807 15-year-old French and 64 Qatari soccer players participated in the present study. They performed a 40-m sprint and an incremental running test to assess maximal sprinting (MSS) and aerobic speeds, respectively. French players were advanced in maturity, taller, heavier, faster and fitter than(More)
  • Arias A, Corbella M, Fons C, Sempere A, García Villoria, Ormazábal A +34 others
  • 2010
transporter deficiency: prevalence among patients with mental retardation and pitfalls in metabolite screening. Factor impacte: 0,736 Campistol J. Enfermedades neurometabólicas de presentación neonatal como causantes de trastornos del neurodesarrollo. Intracranial pressure and cerebral perfusion pressure as risk factors in children with traumatic brain(More)
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