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Destruction of hexamethylenediamine by a Bacillus subtilis culture in a medium with clay minerals
: The object of this work was to study the effect of clay minerals of the montmorillonite group on the oxidative and destructive activity of Bacillus subtilis 21/3 utilizing hexamethylene diamine
Coagulation of bacteria by the action of montmorrillonite
Conditions were studied for the coagulation of aggregation-stable Bacillus subtilis, Flavobacterium rigens and Escherichia coli cell dispersions. Their aggregative stability decreased when
Influence of clay minerals on the oxidative activity of the caprolactam destructors Bacillus subtilis 6 and 21
The bacteria grown on the synthetic nutrient medium with caprolactam as the sole source of carbon and nitrogen oxidized that substrate more intensively than the cells grown on meat-peptone agar.