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Recently, flash memory(in particular, NAND) is being rapidly deployed as data storage for mobile platforms such as PDAs, MP3 players, mobile phones and digital cameras, mainly because of its many advantages over its competitor, hard disk, including its low electronic power, non-volatile storage, high performance, physical stability, smaller size, light(More)
In the era of the Internet, more and more privacy-sensitive data is published online. Even though this kind of data are published with sensitive attributes such as name and social security number removed, the privacy can be revealed by joining those data with some other external data. This technique is called joining attack. Among many techniques developed(More)
Flash memory has many advantages such as high performance, low electronic power, non-volatile storage and physical stability, over hard-disks. For this reason, flash memory has been deployed as data storage for mobile devices, including PDAs, MP3 players, laptop-computers and database systems. According to the cell type, flash memory can be divided into(More)