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OBJECTIVE To investigate the Entamoeba histolytica living in the low oxygen concentration colon of the host and how does it survive in the circumstance after invading the tissues with high oxygen concentration while obtaining oxygen without being damaged by the toxins. MATERIAL AND METHODS E. histolytica cultured for 48 hours was collected, centrifuged,(More)
Evaluation of the human well-being of the Xilinguole grassland, Inner Mongolia, China. Impact of mining affects herdsmen well-being in grassland ecosystem. Quantity of questionnaires survey. Addressing the relationship between coal exploitation in grasslands and human well-being. a b s t r a c t The grasslands of Inner Mongolia are not only the source of(More)
In a previous study, we reported a persistent reduction of F-actin puncta but a compensating increase in puncta size in the mouse hippocampus at 2 months after pilocarpine-induced status epilepticus (Epilepsy Res. 108 (2014), 379-389). However, the F-actin changes during the period of epileptogenesis remain unknown. This study was designed to examine the(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify and characterize an unknown microorganism causing contamination in several mammalian cell cultures. METHODS This bacterium was identified by 16S rRNA sequencing and studied by DAPI and DiOC6 (3) staining, Gram staining, acid-fast staining, and electron microscopy. The isolated bacterium was also used to infect host cells to observe(More)
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