Gaopan Huang

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This paper presents a method for ship detection using texture statistics from optical satellite images. The proposed method focuses on the extraction of ship candidates. First, a structural texture descriptor derived from local multiple patterns is introduced to describe image texture features, and then two statistical histograms are generated by quantizing(More)
Knowledge plays a very important role in remote sensing image understanding. In this paper, we consider various types of knowledge related to remote sensing image understanding, and present a knowledge representation(KR) architecture. Knowledge in the KR architecture is classified into six types, including object knowledge, image knowledge, environment(More)
This paper summarizes a set of maintenance and management experience of typical faults of P570 minicomputer based on some typical faults and processing methods of the P570 minicomputer in Xuzhou area for the past few years, and improves the quality of maintenance and health level of information system. At the same time we summarize the management ideas,(More)
Virtualization technology has brought new vitality to data centers but also brought some thorny issues. Virtualization technology creates an abstract intermediate layer, separating the upper layer applications from the underlying infrastructure, which cause some difficulties to the upper layer applications for the effective use of resources. Based on this(More)
Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras have been widely used for providing flexible view selection and a wider observation range. In order to utilize these cameras for a meaning application, it is necessary to calibrate cameras. However, with camera pan, tilt and zoom, the previous calibrated camera parameters often vary, which are required to be updated(More)
With the rapid development of cloud computing in recent years, more and more individuals and corporations use cloud computing platform to deploy their web applications, which can significantly minimize their deployment costs. However, it is observed that the number of accesses to some web application often fluctuates over time, resulting in the so-called(More)
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