Gaoming Liu

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Peptidoglycans from bacterial cell walls trigger immune responses in insects and mammals. A peptidoglycan recognition protein, PGRP, has been cloned from moths as well as vertebrates and has been shown to participate in peptidoglycan-mediated activation of prophenoloxidase in the silk moth. Here we report that Drosophila expresses 12 PGRP genes, distributed(More)
The oriental fruit moth Grapholita ( = Cydia) molesta is a key fruit pest globally. Despite its economic importance, little is known about its population genetics in its putative native range that includes China. We used five polymorphic microsatellite loci and two mitochondrial gene sequences to characterize the population genetic diversity and genetic(More)
In some warning applications, such as aircraft taking-off and landing, ship sailing, and traffic guidance in foggy weather, the high definition (HD) and rapid dehazing of images and videos is increasingly necessary. Existing technologies for the dehazing of videos or images have not completely exploited the parallel computing capacity of modern multi-core(More)
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