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A cationic polythiophene-porphyrin (PTP) dyad is shown to exhibit efficient light-activated antifungal activity. Higher singlet oxygen (¹O₂) generation efficiency can be attained from PTP upon photoexcitation due to the light-harvesting properties of the polymer backbone and efficient energy transfer from the polythiophene to the porphyrin units. PTP can be(More)
A novel technique was developed for preparing encoded multicolour microparticles based on the self-assembly of bacteria and conjugated polymer nanoparticles (CPNs) by a very simple and time-saving manner. These bacteria-CPNs microparticles show multicolor emissions by tuning FRET efficiencies among CPNs under single excitation wavelength and can be(More)
The discovery of new active biomaterials for promoting progenitor cell growth and differentiation in serum-free medium is still proving more challenging for the clinical treatments of degenerative diseases. In this work, a conjugated polyelectrolyte, polythiophene derivative (PMNT), was discovered to significantly drive the cell cycle progression from G₁ to(More)
Three cationic polythiophene derivatives (P1, P2, P3) were synthesized and characterized. Under white light irradiation (400-800 nm), they sensitize oxygen molecule in the surrounding to generate reactive oxygen species (ROS) that can efficiently unwind the supercoiled DNA in vitro. Further study shows that this relaxation of the DNA supercoiling results in(More)
Since the 1960s, combination chemotherapy has been widely utilized as a standard method to treat cancer. However, because of the potentially enormous number of drug candidates and combinations, conventional identification methods of the effective drug combinations are usually associated with significantly high operational costs, low throughput screening,(More)
Multifunctional nanomaterials with simultaneous therapeutic and imaging functions explore new strategies for the treatment of various diseases. Conjugated polymers (CPs) are considered as novel candidates to serve as multifunctional delivery systems due to their high fluorescence quantum yield, good photostability, and low cytotoxicity. Highly sensitive(More)
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